If you like the idea of traditional themes for a nursery like firefighters, astronauts, or fairies, you might have found that a lot of what you’re seeing out there isn’t quite your cup o’ tea. We’ll let you in on one of our secrets: If you want to avoid the cheese, go retro.

I’m totally digging on the kids vintage wall art, decor and clocks from the Sew Vintage collection at Dolce Mia. Even something like circus animal decor suddenly seems fun and fresh when the tigers and giraffes look like something from grandma’s day. I really like that the imagery is printed onto cotton cloth too, giving the clocks even more dimension.

If you can bear to resist tradition, poke around the site for some more fab ideas. The Paris collection is ooh-la-la and the vintage Hawaiian is about as cool as it gets. -Liz

[via babygadget]