I’m pretty sure that even if I weren’t Chinese, I’d still have a penchant towards Asian-inspired kids clothing. Given the chance, I could probably dress my daughter in gorgeous lotus fabrics and mandarin collar dresses all year long. But yet again, my poor son gets left out of the cool clothes club. 

Thanks to mom Tiffany Cohen at TwoBOriginal, my son can proudly sport some Asian attire of his very own. Her Peace, Love, and Happiness summer set features three simple Kanji patches on a super comfy white and red cotton short set. 

I’m not sure what I love about it more –the fact that it lets my little blonde quarter-Chinese son celebrate his heritage, or that it saves me from the regular old trucks and baseball bats that seem to cover every other summer boy outfit we come across. -Kristen 

Use code “Coolmom10” for 10% off your order.

Congratulations to Kristy P, winner of the pictured set!


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