Here is how I recall my daughter’s first year of life, seven years later:  Birth. . . blur. . .neediness. . .blur. . .crawling everywhere. . . .blur. . .  The big memories are there, but the details have become blurry over time.

It’s the photos that help me focus on the blurry parts. I
stare and will myself to remember how she smelled, how her tiny hand
felt on my cheek, how she grinned when that first craggy tooth peeked
out.  But, after seeing these Baby Photo Albums by Wishing Fish, I definitely wish I had these when my kids were first born. Each of the four albums focuses on a different three month period in a baby’s life and with the four books fitting into a sweet polka-dotted box, you are sure to keep the set in one place. 
This will be a gift I give to many of my new-mom friends while I shed a few tears and sputter “they grow up so fast”.   They sure do. –Christina


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