Seventh Generation is pretty much owning the “look how eco I am” market of household products these days, so it makes sense that they’d branch out. In this case, with a swanky diaper bag. A swanky eco-diaper bag. And a nice one too or so it seems from the high-res photos.

As part of the company’s new Wee Generation partnership with CMP fave dot-org, Healthy Child Healthy World, they’ve reached out to all kinds of big deal award-winning designers to create a Japanese-influenced messenger style diaper bag that looks cool, works as it should and wipes clean when you you’ve got a leaky PBA-free bottle inside.

The kicker is that every penny of profit goes to Healthy Child Healthy World to help educate families and keep the world free of the stuff we don’t want anywhere near our kids. And I don’t mean Bratz dolls. Hook yourself up mamas. You know you want to. –Liz

Congratulations to Joel B, winner of The Seventh Generation natural baby starter kit!

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