In theory, party favors are a wonderful idea.  Sending your guests home
with a lovely memento of a special occasion – who could object to such
thoughtfulness?  Problem is, most favors are destined for the dustbin. Have you ever received a pewter carousel horse keychain engraved with the name of someone else’s kid? (ed note: I have. -Liz)

A far more appealing alternative are the personalized favors designed and produced by Ink and Paper. The
designs are fresh and modern and the gifts themselves, like
scented candles and mints, are worth giving and keeping, making you an
enviable hostess. Customize them to your taste, making them much better for a baby shower than a baby bottle filled with jelly beans, and certainly cool for a graduation party or
Bar Mitzvah–or a debutante ball,
if that’s your thing.

The way I see it, even if the food’s cold and the cake’s
stale, you end on a high note if you’ve got fabulous favors. –Julie


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