I find it hard to believe that there are still scrunchie wearers in the world, unless they have all arrived here via time machine direct from 1991. Better option–wayyyy better option–is Knotheads.

I will admit it took me some time to come around on these no-pull, pipecleaner-esque hair accesories, but that may be more a matter of my utter spazziness than any sort of product flaw. The long ones are a most excellent solution for getting long hair off your neck without resorting to ponytails, and the 4-inch ones can stand in for barrettes or elastics. Check the site for so plenty of cute possibilities.

Admittedly Knotheads are not the best for my three year-old who inherited her daddy’s ultra-thin hair, but for girls or moms with a lot going on up top, you’ll probably have a blast playing around with these.

My only disappointment: One of the how-to tips promised me buns of steel. Pity, they were only talking about my hair. –Liz

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