A high chair isn’t exactly the kind of baby gear you think you’ll fall in love with. A crib, perhaps. A diaper bag, absolutely. But that eyesore in the middle of your dining room that you will spend the next 30 or so months of your life scraping dried baby food and milk-soaked Cheerios from? I think of it more as a necessary evil.

But then I found the Fresco Loft High Chair from Bloom. And oh, did my heart go thump thump thump.

It’s gorgeous and modern, as are all things from Bloom. But more than that, it’s brilliant: The Loft High Chair is designed to grow with your child literally from the day he’s born. The seat is shaped like a cozy little egg and tilts back, barbershop style, so you can strap your newborn in with the five-point harness (ideal with the optional booster seat) and have him right there at the dinner table with you. A far better option than scraping up your table with the car seat, trust me.

You can also pull it right up to the table or use chair with the enormo-tray so it pretty works with any aged child. Any child up to 79 lbs, according to the site. (Which I think was me in high school.) It’s also good in any style of home, since the chair adjusts to breakfast bar height too.

You can get the cushion in microsuede, but choose the leatherette and keep this thing looking spiffy. At least, as best you can. Thump thump thump.  –Liz