Packing for vacation used to be a labor of love, laying out the
outfits and the shoes as I anticipated all the fun ahead.  But now that
I’m a parent and the airlines limit me to 50 pounds of baggage to boot,
packing can be a nightmare.

JetSetBabies is my new vacation savior.  This absolutely fabulous service
allows you to order baby gear–everything from formula to diapers to first aid
kits to beach toys–and have it shipped directly to your destination. When I
checked into my hotel, my box o’ goodies was waiting there for me. I
didn’t even have to unpack my own bag before feeding and changing my

My favorite offering is the Hotel Pack. Instead of trying to
figure out how many diapers you’ll need for your entire stay, just
order one Hotel Pack for each day you’re there. Totally convenient, and it saves you from dedicated precious shoe room to those huge packages of Cruisers. And if you’re staying at a Wyndham Hotel you even get a special free little gift. (Take the Burt’s Bees!)

there’s a bit of a markup since you’re paying for a service too,
not just the products – but it’s really minimal and so so soooo worth it. Considering that
airlines will now bilk you for $100 for busting their weight limit, this
one’s a no-brainer. –Julie

[photo: dogsbody]

Congratulations to JetSetBabies gift certificate winner, Heather B!


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