I’m doing my best to teach my daughter as many preschooler friendly environmental practices as I possibly can. And while she’s become almost militant about making sure to turn off the water while she brushes her teeth, I’m betting there are lots of other things I’m missing.

So, I’m enlisting the idbids to assist me in enlightening her on more eco-friendly ways. These adorable organic plush toys are just a small part of this Atlanta-based company’s cool eco starter kits that also include an organic cinch sack, story book, and field guide. Once your kids have read the book and completed the guide, they can hop online (with your help) and create a certificate to celebrate their achievement.

It’s the perfect way to awaken children’s eco-consciousness without being a nag, and they’ll actually feel as though they’re an active part in making a difference. Plus, you won’t feel one bit of guilt for adding yet another plush animal to your child’s toy box. -Kristen

Congratulations to the Pettys, winners of an idbid!


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