I may have several drawers full of stationery, but that doesn’t mean
I’m particularly good about keeping in touch; I rarely get a chance to
sit down at my kitchen table and put pen to paper without constant
interruptions. But when I’ve got plenty of time on my hands – sitting
in the doctor’s waiting room or watching soccer practice – my
stationery is nowhere to be found.

The Carrie and Tuck notetote from uber-stationery co Boatman Geller is exactly what I need.  It’s a
cute, lap-sized canvas tote that holds an array of correspondence. I can
zip it open and dash off a few quick thank-you’s anytime I please, and
it keeps my notes from getting crumpled in the depths of my handbag. I
love all of the thoughtful details – clear vinyl pockets edged in
grosgrain ribbon, a mini-clipboard, and an address sheet. Fill it with your own
stationery, or check out the Carrie and Tuck refill packs.

Ladies of leisure, take the notetote on vacation and catch up on
your correspondence while sipping mojitos on the beach.  You’ll find the rest of us penning our notes while slurping juice boxes at swim meets. –Julie

Congratulations to Amy M, winner of a Carrie and Tuck notetote and refill pack!


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