I can only imagine that flying with the fam used to be a whole lot better than it is today. You could push a stroller right through that metal detector, bring all the juice from home that you desired, and once on board, the kids got to visit the cockpit, eat some bad but free food, and spend the flight playing Go Fish with their free set of airline cards wearing a free fabulous airline pin.

Besides, the flight attendants’ outfits were fabulous.

If you’ve got a flying nostalgia thing like I do, you’ll love the swanky new line of Jumpseat Bags that refashion vintage airplane seat fabric into super cool handbags. Don’t worry, the fabrics have never been used. (Ew.) But they look like they’re meant to be used now, with sturdy safety belt-cum-handles  nd plenty of pockets for cell phones that need to be turned off on take off, and snacks that need to be rationed.

Jumpseat Bags aren’t cheap, with the smaller Touring Style starting at $225. But they’re definitely cool and kinda collectible. Each one even comes with a cute little “Jenny Jumpseat” stewardess key chain.

That’s right, I called her a stewardess. Come and get me. –Liz

Oder by phone at 866-759-2358, and save 10% with code CMP01 through August 31

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