The siren song of convenience is strong, even for a greenie like me, and at times I’ve been compelled to some of those one-use cleaning wipes. I never feel right about it though, so I switched back to a bright purple sponge to use with organic all-purpose cleaner. Before I got too smug, I found out I could do even better with the Colorado-based Twistand their line of sponges and cleaning cloths which take “reduce, reuse and recycle” to heart.

Updated: It appears this product is no longer in production.

The substantial Naked Sponge is made of cellulose from renewable tree farms and can soak up a ton of spilled juice. Trust me (and my kids) on that one. The Loofah Sponge pairs a Naked Sponge with a natural loofah for tougher cleaning jobs such as burnt pizza or dried-on oatmeal. Their reusable European Sponge Cloths are a smart alternative to paper towels, and their soft Bamboo cloths dry, shine and polish seemingly forever. Which is a good thing because, at the rate these kids are going through this house, I will be cleaning forever.

Get Twist sponges online at E3 Living which is offering 10% off all purchases for a limited time.

Updated: It appears this product is no longer in production.


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