I spend a lot of time complaining about breakfast, but that’s what happens when you take an anti-morning person and add kids. One of my tricks for dealing with mornings when I’m feeling less than perky is to hand over a breakfast bar. So when my old friend sent me the link to YouBars, I was psyched.

Not only are these nutritious and easy, they are customizable. Really! My daughter and I had a lot of fun creating our own combinations of grain, fruits, nuts, and flavors online and then giving them silly names. What kid wouldn’t want to eat something called “Chocolate Nut Crunch Yum”? It was also pretty cool to watch the nutritionals update on the fly as we added or subtracted ingredients.

A warning to the wise: Not every possible combination works. The site does a very good job of guiding you towards a successful You Bar so stick with the guidelines although you can return your order if you hate it. My tip? Can’t go wrong with chocolate. –Danielle


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