Kai-lan just told my daughter to stand up and do the dragon dance and she happily obeys, particularly since the cute tiger (“My favorite one!”) is doing it too. Oh to be three again.

If your own preschooler hasn’t discovered the happy, accessible bicultural world of Kai-lan on Noggin, the popular new show has just made it to video with Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Super Special Days. The characters are adorable enough that I would sport a tee with them on it (and actually do), but I particularly like what they teach my daughter; she’s picking up a little Mandarin, learning the importance of respecting elders, and getting tips on the essential practice of staying calm when there’s a problem.

Oh yes, calmness is a huge theme here–dragon dance lessons not withstanding–which is a nice break from typical American shows that seem to promote bouncing off the walls with as much energy possible. So if you’re using your kid’s DVD library in the living room to grab some personal hygiene time in the bathroom, let’s say this is as safe an option as you’re going to get. –Liz

Congrats to Ni Hao Kai-Lan DVD winners Abi C, Annie K, Ashley B, Meg W, and Trina C!


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