I’m one of those lucky women with a husband who loves to cook. The man not only knows the difference between tarragon and cardamom, he actually cares. Too bad our girls still prefer kiddie foods. So we’re making a last ditch-effort to cultivate some taste in our third-born, and judging from his reaction to Petite Palate gourmet baby food, we just might succeed.

The line is the creation of moms and pedigreed chefs Lisa Beels and Christine Naylor who take the French POV of training those young taste buds to prefer small meals with big flavor. Foods like lentil stew (with a bouquet garni),  spinach potato puree and a banana-peach blend with ginger are made with organic ingredients, flash-frozen, and packaged in paper instead of plastic so you can microwave without fear. Smells and tastes fabulous to us mamas, yes, but my little guy ate it up, pardon the pun.

Find it in stores in NY or CT you can buy Petite Palate online at Amazon.  It’s not cheap at about $59 for 24, but if you’ve got the means and no time to diy in the kitchen, think of it as an investment in the future. Thirty years later, your kids might have a taste for real Cordon Bleu cuisine. Plus the sight of my baby with a speck of parsley in the corner
of his big gummy grin?  Hilarious.-Julie


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