I can’t even believe my household has entered the phase of Nooooo that’s MY plate! I’m not sure exactly what makes my daughter think a certain piece of dishware is hers besides the fact that her sister touched it first, but I’m going to try and nip this one in the bud.

Might be wishful thinking, but I figure if the personalized melamine plates from LA Plates don’t solve the problem, nothing will. I’m particularly liking the preppy stripe design in your choice of colors and typeface. Personalize it with your kids’ names or a monogram to heed off mealtime power struggles, or create one that says birthday girl or good morning! and make it shareable.

Personally I’d like one that says finish your chicken nuggets and please just two bites of carrots or no dessert. But I think that’s over the character limit. –Liz

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