We’re always looking out for multicultural dolls, toys and gifts for kids, but so many of them sort of run out of inspiration after the whole “let’s do a multiculural doll, toy and gift” part. Besitos Designs, however nails it.

The concept is the brainchild of Peruvian-born fashion industry insider turned LA mom and designer, Wendy Susan Reategui del Aguila. Basically you pick one of twenty Besitos Kids faces, and apply it to the item of your choice. There are onesies and tees with great detailing for both boys and girls, blankets, cutie bags for future fashionistas, or my fave, the soft fluffy poncho.

The website is a bit of a work in progress by the way, so don’t be turned off. The clothes will make your kid the cutest politically correct kid in the schoolyard. After mine of course. –Liz

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