Considering I’m on my third child, I’m probably not the strongest candidate for a stroller liner. But when I got my hands on the beautifully crafted ones from BooYah Baby–funny name, cute stuff–I had one of those defining “how did I ever live without this?” mom moments.

These stroller liners combine a mix of stylish fabrics, lovely ribbon detail, and just enough padding to make any stroller a bit more comfy. It took me just a few seconds to pop it on and then off my stroller, great for when your child sets out to prove that his sippy cup is not actually leak proof.

It’s a fantastic way to preserve the life of your own stroller, but grab and extra; it really does make a lovely baby gift. Especially for moms who think they already have everything–or, like me, have no idea what they are missing. -Kristen

Congratulations to Shauna C, winner of the Divine Latte stroller liner!