I realize there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but my daughter Quinlan would like to think that there’s only one. Aren’t most kiddos infatuated with “their” letter? So I say let them obsess a little bit more and heck, learn a few other great things that start with the same letter of their name with these fantastic custom cloth books from Ex Libris Handmade.

Artist Victoria van der Laan will collaborate with you to create a custom soft book, with either five cool things that start with a single letter, or with a page for with each letter of your kiddo’s name. And one glance at the cool rock n’ roll book she recently created for mom of Caedan (pictured) will make you realize she does anything but the typical cat, cow, and crocodile. 

Clearly anyone who can applique the Nirvana album has total street or, um, sewing cred. -Kristen

Since these are custom books, just convo the artist to place your
order, or click around her site for another custom book listing.


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