Considering we were just wearing shorts last week in Atlanta, the cold snap took me and my son’s poor little head by surprise. No wonder when I tried the hat from Eli’s Lids on him, he refused to take it off.

Designed and handmade by mom Kara-Noel Lawson, these aren’t your average caps and beanies. Smartly constructed to fit kids 1-5, they’re a nice alternative to the mass marketed hats we end up having to resort to. My son’s fave, the surfer (pictured), is a thick beanie constructed from soft striped acrylic that reverses to a hip argyle. It keeps your kiddo’s head warm and stylin’, but doesn’t stretch into some misshapen blob. 

And if the hats don’t disappear into the Bermuda Triangle of winter accessories, they do actually fit kids of different ages. It fit both my toddler son and my four year-old daughter, at least for the five seconds he let her wear it. -Kristen 

Congratulations to Christine W, winner of the blue surfboarder hat!


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