Let’s face it, Freecycle is filled with scary people (uh, no, I don’t want your used Kleenex) and the prices on eBay can be out of control. I’ve all but given up on great places to find gently used kids’ clothes online, and if I don’t have a friend who can use our hand-me-downs, I usually just put everything in a bag and donate it.

But now there’s the very brand new handmedowns.com, where you can sell or give your clothing and gear away at your whim. The site pulls relevant local listings from Craigslist too, helping you to corral all your browsing to your own city if you’re buying. On quick glace, we spotted a Portamee for $70 in NYC and a nice new Boon Flair high chair in LA for 2/3 off retail. You can also find charities in your area for donations if you’re looking for an alternative to Goodwill.

I not only dig it, I haven’t seen a single listing for anything that made me afraid of my fellow humans. -Mir

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