I’m actually glad that I pitched all of the bottles I used for my first two kids and had to buy new ones for surprise baby #3.  Because with all the recent news about plastics leaching BPA and who knows what chemicals into the milk, I’ve gotten a lot more choosy about what I stick in my baby’s mouth.

Medela has recently come out with new glass bottles and they definitely get a thumbs up from me. A totally safe alternative from a company we mamas have trusted for years, they’re finally widely available–both at big ol’ stores like Target and smaller shops we have a heart for like Upper Breast Side and Ten Toes.

Stop worrying about whether those plastic bottles you’ve got really are BPA-free and pick up some new ones that are guaranteed to be. Whatever moms can do to sleep better at night we’re all for. -Julie

[Ed. note: All Medela bottles are BPA free, plastic or not.]


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