I love the idea of all-natural soaps, but often I don’t actually love the actual all-natural soap. Sometimes they just seem… I don’t know. Fussy. Slimy. And weird-smelling.

So you have to believe me when I tell you that hand-made Zoo Zuds, currently on sale at Bitsy Birdie, are something of a trifecta of awesomeness. First, each bar is named for an animal and the label gives you cool stats about that animal. Second, these are solid (read: not slimy!) bars of substantial soap, with gentle veggie oils as a base (suitable for even the most sensitive skin). And third? Oh-my-goodness the scents are light and lovely. The Chimp Wash here smells like a hint of gingerbread, and the Butterfly Bath is a soothing lavender.

Stick them in the kids’ stockings and make everything else in there smell just divine. -Mir

Get 10% off all regular-price items through the end of the year at Bitsy Birdie with code “safertoys” As for the Zoo Zuds? They’re already on sale. Cool!