My husband used to go into my wriggly toddler son’s room every night at least twice to cover him up. But thanks to the Merino Kids baby sleep sack, we’re all getting way more sleep now.

This super comfy striped sack is made using a 100% merino inner layer and then soft cotton on the outside, which definitely kept my kid warm but not overheated. And thanks to strategically placed slits, you can strap your little one in his carseat with the sack on. No reaching back to keep covering him with his blanket on the long car ride home. So smart.

I admit that it’s probably way more than I’d typically spend on a sleep sack, but considering how much shut-eye we’ve seen these last few weeks I’d happily have bought one for each of my kids. If only I knew. -Kristen

Get $20 off any Merino Kids baby sleep sack through 12/15/08 with code J4F4X3DS at checkout.

Congratulations to Sara P, winner of a Merino Kids sleep sack of her choice!


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