Can you imagine there are actually people out there who don’t coordinate their baby’s bottle to his blanket, bib, and onesie? Heh.

But seriously, if you’re a glass bottle user or just want to take the plunge from plastic, make sure to check out Smitten Baby’s cool new line of glass bottles, available at eco-friendly super shop Cooler Choices. Completely BPA free (of course), we love the fun polka dots in pink or blue.

Depending on your nipple preference, you might find these to be on the soft side, so Cooler Choices made the extra effort to sell them with a thicker and sturdier Evenflo nipple.

Best of all, they look so cool they might even get you out of the “Oh, you use glass bottles?” question that inevitably comes up from all the nosy nosersons of the world. -Kristen

Congratulations to Katie B, winner of the blue polka dot bottle!

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