There’s no question that today’s kids are computer-savvy; my daughter can Google the answer to her burning questions before I can even find my reading glasses. But just because they can surf the web doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to just turn them loose out there.

Unless you have kidthing, that is, which is now in beta. Created by parents, kidthing is both a free, downloadable browser/player that kids can easily operate themselves as well as a treasure trove of books, games, and videos through the kidthing Store. Your kids will feel like they have the run of the place, while you can browse the store to choose what they can access. Select your purchases, load up the kidthing browser, and then the kids can play to their heart’s content.

Then you can rest assured that they’re having age-appropriate, educational fun, and not being bombarded by advertising or finding anything on YouTube that has them asking, “Mommy, what were those naked people doing?” -Mir

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