With my first baby, The Nap was sacred. With my second, napping was important, but it was no longer worthy of capitalization. Now I’m on the go with the older two so often that I’m happy if the baby sacks out in his carrier for fifteen minutes.  Problem is, most babywearing contraptions aren’t really conducive to getting some shut-eye.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the soft structured Action Baby Carrier has a sleeping hood. Cradle that drowsy baby against your chest, secure the hood to the shoulder strap (don’t worry, there’s plenty of ventilation), and go about your business. 

It has all sorts of other awesome features–comfortable straps, great weight-distribution, easy positioning–that made babywearing a breeze when I tried it out. Plus the carrier itself isn’t padded, so everybody stays cool, awake or not. –Julie

Find the Action Baby Carrier in stock at Heavenly Hold–great fall colors like chocolate and olive are on sale now.  Get an extra 10% off with code WEARME.

Congratulations to Margaret, winner of the Action Baby Carrier in Spring Breeze!

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