Very few things make me wish I were pregnant again. Until now. Rosie Pope, former dancer and model and now a new mom, recently opened a flagship maternity store in Soho where people like Naomi, Salma and Gwen all shopped. But, thanks to the Rosie Pope online boutique, you can shop there too. Even if you’re the type who deigns to use your last name.

You can fill a wardrobe full of elegant clothes and accessories–no elastic allowed here–but this time of year you may want to click on over to the dressy stuff and pick out an outfit or two for all your holiday parties. I particularly love the silk off-the-shoulder dress since my baby weight mercifully started a bit lower. But if you prefer basic black, check out the floor-length evening dress with removable straps. At least for those of you whose chests manage to stay up all by themselves during pregnancy.

Non-New Yorker alert: The clothes aren’t cheap. But then, I would have paid anything to feel sexy when I was 8 months pregnant. –Betsy

Save 30% on all purchases, online and in store, with code BABY! And if you’re in NYC, check out the new shop at 78 Greene Street.

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