Printable 2009 Calendar by Little Brown Pen
There are three basic New Year’s resolutions the way I see it: 1. Get in shape 2. Get organized 3. Save money.  I decidedly cannot help you with the first one and have the brownie crumbs on my chest to prove it. But for the rest, allow me to point you towards design studio Little Brown Pen.

Evan and Nichole Robinson’s absolutely exquisite 2009 printable calendars which fall under the category “Print and Give” – in other words, print your own calendars on heavy card stock from the digital PDF file you’re purchasing then give them out as terrific New Year’s gifts. If you happened to have forgotten anyone for Christmas. Which brings us back to resolution #2 – Get Organized. –Liz

Printable calendars and more available from Little Brown Pen.


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