Handmade Stuffed Elephant ToyLeave it to the darn CPSIA to help us discover a ton of wonderful artisans thinking about calling it quits on February 10th thanks to the new toy testing regulations.

Such is the case for Kristen Dirmeier, musician and artist, who hand creates the most adorable stuffed elephants. Using sweet, colorful fabrics, each elephant’s tail can be personalized really beautifully for your little one. It’s a subtle touch that makes giving or getting a stuffed animal extra special.

Sadly, Kristen is closing shop soon (unless we can convince her not to) so make sure to snag one of these beautiful handmade toys while you can. And let’s hope that Congress comes to their senses, we’ll bring her right back into business. -Kristen

Adopt one of these cute stuffed animals over at Peaslee. And check out our Save Handmade resource page to find what you can do to protect small toymakers and others from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.