Cool modern handbag from Christy Studio
Who was the evil mastermind that convinced moms they needed to schlep around gigantic, ugly quilted diaper bags in order to carry baby essentials? Personally I like bags like this Everyday Bag from Christy Studio, which is stylish enough to swap out the diapers for a laptop and a good read when you are out sans infant.

All Christy’s bags are handmade from materials like cotton twill, canvas and designer fabrics and even the interiors are cool–check out the Chotto Tote which is lined with a beautiful Japanese print. Oh, and did I mention that they have ample pockets to stash cell phones, car keys, lipstick and all sell for less than $50?

Is that the sound of a cyber stampede I hear?–Betsy

Check out the full collection of handmade bags at the Christy Studio
etsy shop – they’re not actually diaper bags which makes them great for moms and non-moms alike.

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