center'd logoYou know that woman who’s always at school functions, the one who walks up while you’re manning the ticket table or dishing the chili, and says, “Oh, I should’ve signed up to help! I must have missed the flier!”  Hopefully her flier is crammed into the bottom of a backpack somewhere and she really does want to help. Hopefully.

Either way, those conversations are about to become a thing of the past, because our PTA is going to start using Center’d to coordinate volunteer sign-ups for our activities. Everyone gets an email notification, and everyone can see which slots have been filled and who needs a gentle (ahem) reminder to pick a station.

You can also see all of the pertinent details about the event– even a Google map to your destination. View by event, people, date; it’s all up to you, and it’s all right there on your computer. And everyone else’s.

Chili supper’s coming up, people. Check your email. -Mir

Check out Center’d’s available templates or make your own, and start getting your school activities organized!