maternity bagWe’ve come across a few prepacked maternity bags and I have to say the idea is generally better than the execution. The bags often have these huge ugly logos on it that say something awful like NEW MOMMY ON BOARD and they’re filled with stuff that sounds good but you’ll never actually use. Exfoliator? I’m sorry, after I gave birth the last thing I considered was a luxury skin sloughing in the nasty hospital shower.

The maternity bags from Babytime Bags were developed by two moms who obviously gave it a lot of thought. The cute quilted tote contains labor essentials like flip-flops, fluffy socks, preggie pops, and a nightstand clock, along with a few things you’ll need once baby is in your arms– Lansinoh ointment and breast pads, a MilkBand nursing bracelet to help breastfeeding moms keep track of those first feedings, even some organic baby bath products from Little Twig (which I love). You can also upgrade to the bbluxe bag for fancier stuff like a robe and luxury moisturizer.

The only thing I’d lose is the scrunchie. Delivery may seem long, but life is too short. -Liz

Hint: Prepacked hospital bags from Babytime Bags make a great baby shower gift for new moms-to-be.

Congratulations to Cynthia B, lucky winner of the black microfiber Babytime Bag!