hooded towels
I just checked out one of the designer hooded towels from Tess & Tallulah, and once again I’m smacking myself upside the head and wondering where they were when my babies were cold and wet and drying off with some scratchy, sub-par, threadbare version.

The generous size and absorbent terry lining make these towels extra cute for bath time. But with such lovely cotton fabrics on the outside, you’ll want to show them off at the pool or the beach. Let’s just say Massachusetts mom and designer Sarah Good has quite the eye for fabrics.

Are they pricey? Eh, a little. But if you’re going to cover up those adorable swimsuits on spring break, might as well be with a towel that’s just as photogenic. –Liz

Find these cute hooded towels for babies and toddlers plus little girls’ dresses, quilted changing mats and more at Tess & Tallulah.

Congratulations to lucky winner Stacy H, who’ll receive a hooded towel from Tess & Tallulah!

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