Plantable baby announcementsI cannot tell you how guilty I feel tossing a baby announcement. Not only does it stink to have to add to the landfill, but it just seems odd to put a baby’s picture in the trashcan. So I had to check out Botanical Paperworks, a Canadian company that creates all their stationery products from plantable paper. Cool, right?

All you have to do is place the card under a thin layer of soil, put it in the sun, and give it some water and you’ll get a pot full of wildflowers. Flowers that will always remind your friends and family of your beautiful new baby.

The cards have a definitive bumpy texture due to the seeds, but don’t sacrifice anything in terms of style or design. The elephant baby announcements (pictured) are adorable, and their selection of photo cards and baby thank-you cards are fantastic as well. And really, what says “Hooray Baby!” better than a windowsill full of poppies? -Kristen

Find a selection of beautiful plantable cards at Botanical Paperworks. Valentine’s Cards too!