Ma Mi skin care
Don’t you love 20-something models advertising anti-aging creams? And yet, I fall for it every time. I have the drawer full of cosmetic jars to prove it.

Admittedly I’m a sucker for hope in a bottle so when I had the chance to review the Ma Mi Skin Care line, formulated specifically to address the havoc motherhood can wreak on skin, I jumped at it. I took the sample kit with me on my recent trip to San Diego and I will now commence gushing.

The Ma Mi Skin Care Line products are made of natural ingredients like soy peptides (whatever that is) and seaweed extract, minus all the chemicals you’ll probably find in whatever you’re using now. The Nightshift under eye serum really did make my eyes look more refreshed and the Get Radical antioxidant serum kept the California sun (once it showed up) from damaging my already freckled face.

The cumulative effect: By week’s end, my skin looked brighter, clearer and fresher. Take that you 22-year-olds! -Betsy

Congratulations to Sandy M, winner of the Ma Mi Skin Care sample pack!


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