lost and found childrens prints
Call me a total dork, but I get all teary and melty every time my three year-old hugs one of her friends goodbye. There’s is something beyond adorable about two little girls squeezing each other tight– and anyone who disagrees has a heart of coal and dryer lint.

So of course I fell in love with the pair of Lost and Found prints from UK artist Mandy Sutcliffe, the second of which features two reunited friends hugging in a forest. Perfect for a kids’ room, these mounted giclee prints are available at her shop Belle and Boo along with so many other beautiful pieces you’re apt to spend a while there.

Poke around for cute cards, beautiful gift wrap, and even a limited edition children’s dress with the Lost and Found heroine on the front, and her little pull-toy duck trailing behind on the back. Melty, I tell ya. –Liz

Find beautiful children’s artwork and more at the Belle and Boo etsy shop.

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