Emphatical Piratical kids' music CD
Pirates may be lawless, mean and smelly, but I’m having a blast
listening to the buccaneering rock of Portland, Oregon’s Captain Bogg & Salty on their new CD, Emphatical Piratical. And
fortunately, instead of telling my kids to rob and pillage, they’ve taught
them some of the more practical things one needs to learn for a life at
sea with songs like Don’t Drink Seawater and Never Smile at a

The first few songs remind me of the
fast beats and choral chants of a Dropkick Murphys show minus the
bodies hurtling through the air. But these hardened sea travelers have a soft side too with the lovely, wistful Waltz of the Waves
which will have you rocking back and forth as if on the open sea.

with a whole bevy of band members with names like Chucklehead Pete and
Ramshackle, Emphatical Piratical is just about as much fun you
can have with a bunch of characters who don’t brush their teeth. Just
don’t tell my kids that part. – Christina

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Congratulations to Susan V, lucky winner of a copy of Emphatical Piratical!


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