organic popalongs from revolution foodsWe’re all for whatever it takes to improve the quality of school lunch programs, and the progressive Revolution Foods has been a leader in California doing just that. Now, the rest of us in the country get access to clever, organic kids snacks and treats from them and yeah, I’m happy.

The wholegrain Organic Popalongs were a big hit with my chip-loving brood and the kind of weird, squeezable squished fruit in the Organic Mashups will go over if your kids will eat things that aren’t beige. Haven’t tried the peanut butters yet but considering organic pbs don’t get recalled, probably worth a look.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeIf you’re in lunch-packing mode for your school age children, these are the goodies your kids will be psyched to find in there each day. The fact that they’re healthy – well, we’ll just keep that between us grownups. –Liz

Grab the organic snacks and kid-friendly foods from Revolution Foods on your next trip to Whole Foods and soon at