As my daughter’s preschool starts preparing us for next year’s (eep!) full day schedule, I’m suddenly faced with the reality that we’re going to have to send her to school with lunch. Every day.

I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to get her to expand her palate beyond peanut butter sandwiches, but I do know what it will be served in — LunchBots, available at our affiliate Amazon and so many smaller boutiques.

These natural stainless steel food storage containers really are a terrific help for parents. LunchBots are reusable, making them eco-friendly, and they offer up a smart alternative for moms freaked out by plastic these days. In fact they were invented by a mom pretty much fitting that description herself.

There’s a growing variety of options, including one big enough for a single sandwich and then those with bento-style lunch containers with multiple compartments for snacks and sides. Or I suppose, sushi rolls if you’ve got a more adventurous kid than mine.

Find these eco-friendly food storage containers at Lunchbots