Bright floral spring girls' dress from Lola et Moi
The girls’ collection from Lola et Moi is vibrant, it’s candy colored, and it’s definitely not for wallflowers, people afraid of color, or those who live by the adage that less is more. Which is why it’s so exciting for spring.

(Also, you might want to turn down the volume on your computer. Their music is vibrant too.)

I’m especially loving designer Rania Tohme’s line of baby clothes which include a collection of baby onesies that you hope your best friend gets you for your shower, and I like a bunch of the girls’ dresses which totally brighten a room. As for me, I could not get away with prints on top of prints on top of prints with bows. But on the right girl, pair that flower dress with some dotty capris leggings and you’ll have the funkiest kid in the room.

onesie from lola et moi
This is definitely a high-end, oh look my TV series just got picked up again so let’s go shopping kind of a label. If you’ve got the cash? I say, flaunt it. I’ll live vicariously through you. –Liz

Find Lola et Moi online at Lola et Moi and online boutiques like Chasing Fireflies, Ollie Bolen and Izzy & Ash. If you’re fancy and live in Beverly Hills you can also check out their real live store store.

Congratulations to Jennifer C, lucky winner of the Folk Print Tiered Dress from Lola et Moi!


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