Good Egg bookRaising two voracious but sometimes picky readers, I’ve learned that there are a few factors that go into a guaranteed successful kids’ board book: Simple concepts, not too many words on each page, and ideally, anything a kid can touch/move/smell/poke/feel or otherwise interact with. Well hooray for Barney Saltzberg (yes, that Barney Saltzberg) who nailed them all with his lovely new interactive board book, Good Egg.

Toddlers will have a blast declaring “Good egg!” each time that they lift a flap or pull a tab to make the hero egg of the story sit, roll over, and even speak. Which brings me to the last factor in a good board book: A surprise ending that’s still funny to your kid after the hundredth read.

Grab one for a non-edible Easter basket for kids too young for jelly beans. –Liz

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