Biodegradable baby wipes by Elements Naturals
While I’m greening up my act in many ways, I’m still pretty picky where it comes to baby wipes — it’s not totally unreasonable that I don’t want to cut corners with the one thing that’s keeping me from getting poop all over my hands.

So in one of those cosmic coincidences, directly after I’d refilled the wipe container with a package of Elements Naturals biodegradable baby wipes, my son felt moved to present them — and me — with a major test.

Color me shocked, but these wipes do what I never believed the eco-friendlier wipes could do. Not only are Elements Naturals baby wipes compostable and made from renewable, plant-based materials, they’re full-sized, soft and absorbent. It goes without saying that they’re going to cost more than most baby wipes — an 80-count package retails for $5.95.  But if you’re feeling guilty about using disposable dipes, at least you can feel good about using these wipes.  Call them a justifiable indulgence. -Julie

Find Elements Naturals biodegradable baby wipes at and Whole Foods

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