Love, Mom book of mothers' emailsFor years, I’ve saved the emails my mom has sent me. Some are funny, some are sweet, some are nothing anyone else would appreciate besides maybe my brother. I thought I was the only person nostalgic enough to do such a thing, until I discovered Love, Mom: Poignant, Brilliant, Goofy Messages From Home from the creators of the blog Postcards From Yo Momma.

Dorrie Shafir and Jessica Grose have put together this wonderful compilation of all sorts of emails, IMs and social networking messages (eek, moms on Facebook!) that will have you in stitches with warnings of computer “STDs”, cold weather wardrobe advice to grown offspring, and descriptions of pets’ toilet habits in far too much detail. You’ll also get an extra chuckle from submissions from celebs like Christian Siriano, and Dablo Cody whose mother is thinking of starting her own “blob” just to show her who’s the smartass now.

My favorite may be the entry that sounds like it could have come from my own mother:

we did “free range parenting.”
Also known as “letting children be children.” or
“letting children live”
also known as “being sensible”
or “common sense parenting”
xo yer ma
Moms. They’re awesome. -Liz

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