Throw & Go picnic blanket in recycled fleece
I’m the woefully unprepared mom at my daughter’s soccer games — the one who’s sitting directly on the itchy grass (and who will probably forget to brush the grass off her rear end when she stands up). So I was practically giddy when I discovered the eco-friendly Throw & Go blanket from ‘Lina Bean and tried it out at last weekend’s game. 

Caroline Ritter, pedigreed designer turned mom, has thrown her passion for style into creating modern children’s accessories including this picnic-sized blanket, one of those must-haves that I’ve gone too long without. I love the soft fleece (made from recycled bottles — cool!), and the bamboo/cotton trim comes in a neutral leafy print. Way better than using an old sheet, let alone using nothing at all. -Julie

Find the Throw & Go blanket in time for picnic season at ‘Lina Bean


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