Turquoise bracelet from Marie Chavez
I admit it’s fun peeking at the press page of jewelry websites and seeing which A-listers share your taste in dangly earrings or triple-strand necklaces. And in the case of the Marie Chavez collection it seems to be a lot of them.

But of course, that’s not why I love these delicate pieces. The designer’s hammered sterling silver medallion earrings have
completely become my go-to earrings. They’re artfully made and full of
texture, reminding me of fat little circular pumpkin seeds that I
find satisfying to touch. The more I wear them, the the more they just feel like a part of me.

After seeing the amazing quality of her pieces in person, I am lusting after more items like the triple strand Swarovksi pearl necklace or the turquoise bangle bracelet (shown here).  Or just about everything else. Prepare to spend a little time looking through this huge collection. Whether or not you care that a few Hollywood types are doing the same right now. -Carrie

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