bug off soy candle
Generally I have an entertaining personal discussion with myself every summer. On the one hand, I don’t feel good about putting DEET on my kids. On the other hand, most DEET-free insect repellents don’t seem to work all that well, and I’d rather my kids not get West Nile.

What to do?

Well, you could check out the new line of Bug Off! insect deterrents; they’re completely natural, DEET-free, and use actual pleasant-smelling essential oils to keep the bugs at bay. We’re taking the insect-repellant Soap and Shampoo Bar camping — it smells great, means one less thing to carry, and does seem to make us somewhat less delicious to insects. There’s also a soy candle (shown) which might not be enough in the middle of the woods, but is probably a good tool for al fresco dining at home. I also like the wipes and spritzer for a last-minute defense (even though they, inexplicably, don’t have the same pretty labeling). Especially because the kids don’t run when they see me approaching with them. -Mir

Get the whole line of Bug Off! insect deterrants at SunFeather Natural Soap Company.


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