Reusable lunch bags in pretty patterns from NeelaSure, you can pay all kinds of money for a fancy reusable lunch bag, but why would you when there’s Neela Bags. This purveyor of a variety of earth-friendly polypropylene reusables now offers their lunch tote as a $5 standalone product (edited to add: currently on sale for $3.50!).  At that price, I’m tempted to get one of each and match them to my outfits.

Okay, you got me. Not really. But the fabulous price does mean that I can stock extras for when someone forgets to bring a lunch bag home from school or camp.

I’m also loving that shoulder strap for the days when the backpacks are already stuffed to the gills; it increases the chances of the bag making it home. -Mir

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Congratulations to Amy M, lucky winner of a Neela Market Pack set!