My Daddy and Me personalized bookObviously the greatest Father’s Day gifts are the ones that actually come from the kids. But when you’ve got ones who aren’t even old enough to sign their names to a card yet, check out the personalized Daddy books from as a fantastic alternative. 

You and your kids can create a board book that features a cartoon version of Dad, based on a photo you submit, and in fact I was pretty surprised by how close the resemblance turned out to be. Not that my handsome, dashing husband is cartoonish, of course.

Add some of your own custom pages, or keep the standard themes in the My Daddy book like My daddy keeps me safe and My daddy cooks yummy food.  Either way, you know it will end up being one of his favorites of all time. Especially the page that proclaims: My daddy knows everything.

Really, what dad wouldn’t love reading that back to the kids every night? -Julie

Check out the range of personalized books at and now when you order the Daddy and Me book, get a free personalized tee featuring his custom cartoon!