Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers
I’ve put my babies in everything from cloth diapers to paper towels (desperation, people), and while for now we’ve settled on disposable diapers, I still sometimes feel a bit guilty about it. I’ve tried a few of the “natural” disposables, but I’ll be honest; while they may be better for the environment, some of them are pretty bulky and worse, leaky. Which is also why you rarely see them recommended here.

So I was definitely intrigued when Huggies came out with their new Pure and Natural diapers, which is of course banking on the fact that I’m not the only one feeling that eco-guilt. These disposable diapers claim to be hypoallergenic and latex free, with few pigments or dyes and no fragrance. They also feature an outer cover that’s made with organic cotton. I could immediately tell the difference — in softness that is, not in leaks. Phew.

Certainly these are not the greenest diapers in the world, I’m a little skeptical by the lack of info on the website, and they do cost more than your standard Huggies. But if you’re a fan of mainstream brand disposables, these are definitely a small step in a more natural direction. -Kristen

You can find Huggies Pure & Natural at our affiliate, from, or at your local drug or grocery store.


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